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Church Web Site Improvements

Note: This is the new Church email address:

The Church web site is being updated and improved. Every effort will be made to keep it current with events, announcements, special words from our Pastor, and suggestions from our members. There are also plans to move to a new web address, so check the Announcement section often for progress on this effort. 

At the moment, some of the historical Elders, Trustees, and Deacons lists are out of date.  The calendar pages will list all the routine and special events for the current month.

The events pages will be used to highlight special items, primarily if they need further explanation. It can also be used to announce special events prior to the mailing of the newsletter, or if something was missed in the monthly newsletter calendar. If you are responsible for a special event, and would like to have it added, please contact me at the address below.

Announcements can be things that are not associated with any particular date. See example that follows this section. 

Consideration is being given to additional subjects, such as Youth Group, Sunday School, and Bible Study. If you are responsible for areas such as these, and would like to have a page devoted to your area, please email or mail the information you would like to see included.

This web site is for our members, to serve as a convenient place to get current information. If you would like to see something added or changed, please contact me using the address below. Colors are always a difficult choice because some find certain combinations difficult to read. Please let me know if the size of the fonts, or the colors present any problems for you.

Please note that there is an Underline in my email name, not a space.

Shoe Box Ministry

Operation Christmas Child (Shoebox Ministry) offers children the opportunity to participate in the Operation Christmas Child Discipleship Program. Everyone is encouraged to Pack a Shoe Box for a needy child over the next few weeks. Each week, a new item will be suggested (see the November Newsletter  for weekly ideas), and there will be a box in the Church vestibule for donations. Boxes will be collected on Sunday, 11/15.

Church Directories Available

They are available on the display case for those who had their pictures taken. Please take only one per family and sign the directory sign out sheet. During the week, they can be obtained from the office.