VSE Terminology and Some Useful Jargon

VSE is a multi-programming operating system which supports multi-processors.

If you wanted to know what this means, you've found the right place!

The IBM Virtual Storage Extended operating system. VSE, together with VM (zVM) and OS (zOS) are general purpose operating systems for IBM System/390 and successor hardware platforms. They form the "zOS Family" and share many common characteristics and components.
An operating system technique which intends to keep its instruction processor(s) busy by scheduling other work for a processor when the program it was most recently running has to wait for completion of an external event, such as an input or output (I/O) operation.
An operating system technique which can manage multiple instruction processors, assigning each to operate upon a different instruction stream (program or job) concurrently.
A collection of records serving a common purpose. The PAYROLL FILE would contain records indicating hours worked, pay rate, name, social security and tax information.
Data Set
A file by any other name is still a file. Lost in the background of MVS, back in the OS/360 days, they began calling their files data sets.
A physical record containing potentially multiple logical records. A block of data is read or written from/to external devices (disks, tapes) as a single transfer. VSAM reads and writes Control Intervals, which can be comprised of one or more blocks (or physical records).

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