The Swami of VSE/VSAM

The Swami's Expertise

The Swami's expertise includes:

  • Over 30 years experience designing file systems for IBM mainframe computers -- ISAM, VSAM, BDAM, SAM/QSAM, and DL/I and providing technical support for customers using these file systems, and for IBM representatives working with these customers.
  • Over 30 years experience designing and implementing on-line systems -- CICS, IMS, and (in a few cases) home-grown systems.
  • Performance monitoring and Capacity Planning -- the author of the most widely used toolset for Capacity Planning in the VSE/ESA environment. He was also a frequently sought-after troubleshooter for performance problems.
  • Author of two IBM Technical Bulletins:
    • VSE/VSAM Tuning Tips and Techniques
    • Tape Subsystem Performance Measurements in VSE and VM/VSE Environments

The Swami
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