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About Tixx.com "The original online ticketbroker since 1995"


We have been in business for over a 2 decades, and online since 1995! Tixx.com has been in the business of procuring premium event tickets. Through our extensive network of season ticket holders and contacts, we are able to consistently provide our customers with quality seats at excellent prices. We buy and sell tickets at above the face value.

With a worldwide reach and the ability to gain access to the most coveted seats at the most popular events, Tixx.com is your surefire source for premium tickets. Since our establishment, we have served over 300,000 customers from over 25 countries for events spanning four continents. Quite simply, no matter what event you wish to attend, we can almost certainly secure the tickets.

Tixx.com is happy to serve your ticket needs, both large and small. From individuals looking for special seats at that very special venue to Fortune 500 companies seeking to secure 50 tickets for an entire season, we can ensure the best possible seats at the best possible price. Many international travel agents and large tour operators rely on Tixx.com for just this reason

Our promise to our customers is to always provide dependable, courteous service while never compromising integrity. And, of course, along with our excellent service, we promise competitive prices.

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To exceed customer expectation by consistently offering quality seats at the best possible prices while providing dependable, courteous service during and after the sale. We are committed to maintaining a friendly, trusting environment by demonstrating the highest character, appreciation and respect for our customers, vendors and employees.




1.800.800.TIXX (732-280-3434 locally) is a private retail ticket/tour agency and does not sell tickets for face value. The service charge for a ticket is determined by seat location, demand, and cost to 800.tixx for obtaining said ticket/package.


First things first: There is NO SUCH THING as Face "value" unless the event is cancelled. Why? The venue ticketing agent (i.e., Ticketmaster, etc.) will not issue a refund to you, and you can't cash it in like a savings bond, so if there is a very small chance that the event will be cancelled (most major events do not cancel without a make-up date), or virtually no chance that the event will be cancelled (such as the Super Bowl), then there is no way to get your money back without reselling it on the secondary market. Therefore, the only value is the market value, period. The term "face value" is a misnomer; the correct term is "face price". If you'll look on the back of a ticket issued by a venue ticketing agency, it will generally have the disclaimer, "NO CASH VALUE". They can't seem to make up their mind! If the event is cancelled, it does have cash value, and in the same breath, they state that they will not honor refunds, meaning that if the event goes on as planned, it has no redeemable or refundable "cash value".

A ticket is like any other asset; it's a commodity which is owned by the bearer of such (the seller), and can be bartered, sold or exchanged easily (good liquidity), in much the same way that people sell real estate, cars, jewelry, stocks, bonds, stamps or other collectibles such as art or coins. The price on the ticket (the face price) is stated on the ticket for a number of reasons, none of which necessarily may affect its market value in the secondary market. The face price is the price at which tickets will be refunded by the venue ticketing agent in case of a cancellation of that particular event. If the face price meant anything in relation to the market value in regards to any other negotiable commodity, the rare coin/money and stamp market would cease to exist, as they are generally always sold above their face prices, sometimes as much as $1,000,000.00 over their face price in the case of certain rare stamps. And these are commodities which are issued (in many cases) by the U.S. Government! As a matter of fact, the U.S. Mint encourages people to collect coins in anticipation of them being sold at a price higher than the face price at a future date.

So what does the face price mean? Simply put, if the promoter or the venue ticketing agent will not refund the ticket unless the event is cancelled, and there's virtually no chance of a cancellation of a particular event, the face price means absolutely nothing. Nada. Consider this: The face price only comes into play when the promoter of an event offers refunds on cancelled events, so it's safe to say that the face price means absolutely nothing unless cancellation of the event is a viable option. Of course, The Super Bowl is virtually cancel-free (it would probably be played during a nuclear holocaust!), so since there is no real possibility of a cancellation, the face price on Super Bowl tickets means absolutely nothing. The only price that counts would be the secondary market price, which is considerably higher than the face price in most cases, and sometimes lower. The same can be said with virtually all major sporting events and most all concerts by major artists.

It's funny that some people object to paying MORE than face price for tickets, but have no problem with paying LESS than face price. If the face price truly meant anything to these people, they would object to this, but they sure don't!

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