Evander Holyfield Fact Sheet

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Born: October 19, 1962
Height: 6' 2½"
Reach: 77½"
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Record: 33-3 (24 KOs)
Division: Heavyweight
Ranking: WBA - 4; WBC - 7
Titles: WBA Heavyweight Champion
Former undisputed Heavyweight Champion


November 9, 1996: Stopped Mike Tyson in the eleventh round to win the WBA Heavyweight Championship.
May 10, 1996: Won a TKO over Bobby Czyz, when Czyz quit at the end of the fifth round.
November 4, 1995: Stopped in the eighth round by Riddick Bowe
May 20, 1995: Won a ten round decision over Ray Mercer.
April 22, 1994: Lost the WBA and IBF Heavyweight Titles to Michael Moorer on points.
November 6, 1993: Won a 12 round decision over Riddick Bowe to win the WBA and IBF Heavyweight titles.
June 26, 1993: Won a 12 round decision over Alex Stewart
November 13, 1992: Lost a 12 round decision to Riddick Bowe and the Undisputed Heavyweight Championship.
June 19, 1992 Won a 12 round decision over Larry Holmes
November 23, 1991: Stopped Bert Cooper in the seventh round
April 19, 1991: Won a 12 round decision over George Foreman
October 25, 1990: Knocked out James Douglas in the third round to win the Undisputed Heavyweight Title.
June 1, 1990: Stopped Seamus McDonagh in the fourth round
November 4, 1989: Stopped Alex Stewart in the eighth round
July 15, 1989: Knocked out Adilson Rodrigues in the second round
March 11, 1989: Stopped Michael Dokes in the tenth round.
December 9, 1988: Stopped Pinklon Thomas in the seventh round.
July 16, 1988: Knocked out James Tillis in the fifth round
April 9, 1988: Stopped Carlos DeLeon in the eighth round
December 5, 1987: Stopped Dwight Qawi in the fourth round
August 15, 1987: Stopped Ossie Ocasio in the eleventh round
May 15, 1987: Stopped Ricky Parkey in the third round.
February 14, 1987: Stopped Henry Tillman in the seventh round.
December 8, 1986: Knocked out Mike Brothers in the third round.
July 12, 1986: Won a 15 round decision over Dwight Qawi.
May 28, 1986: Knocked out Terry Mims in the fifth round.
April 6, 1986: Knocked out Jesse Shelby in the third round.
March 1, 1986: Knocked out Chisanda Mutti in the third round.
December 21, 1985: Knocked out Anthony Davis in the fourth round.
October 30, 1985: Knocked out Jeff Meachem in the fifth round.
August 29, 1985: Knocked out Rick Myers in the first round.
July 20, 1985: Won an eight round decision over Tyrone Booze.
April 20, 1985: Knocked out Mark Rivera in the second round.
March 13, 1985: Knocked out Fred Brown in the first round.
January 20, 1985: Won a 6 round decision over Eric Winbush.
November 15, 1984: Won a six round decision over Lionel Byarm.

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