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Sat 04/27/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Sun 04/28/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Mon 04/29/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Tue 04/30/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Wed 05/01/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Thu 05/02/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Fri 05/03/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Sat 05/04/02 "Blues Clues Live!"
Sun 05/05/02 "Blues Clues Live!"

Thu 05/09/02 Andre Rieu

Tue 06/04/02 Indigo Girls
Wed 06/05/02 Indigo Girls

Tue 06/18/02 Trey Anastasio

Fri 06/21/02 Together We Stand: The Winans Family

Thu 06/27/02 Alejandro Sanz

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