Tyson-Holyfield I Round-by-Round

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Tyson comes out fast. Attempts a swinging
left that misses. He misses again with a left hook. Tyson lands right jab.
Tyson attempts to brawl. Fighters study each other. Tyson misses with
straight right. Holyfield lands straight right off top of Tyson's head.
Holyfield ties Tyson up. Holyfield settles into pace and lands left-right
combination. Crowd clearly backs Holyfield. Tyson lands straight right
hand. Holyfield keeping his distance. Fighters exchange flurry after round.
Round to TYSON
Holyfield not intimidated. Fighters clench. Tyson misses wild right.
Holyfield lands right uppercut to body. Holyfield avoids left hook. Tyson
not pressuring Holyfield. More clenching in the middle of the ring.
Holyfield lands left-right combination pushing Tyson into ropes. Fighters
clench and referee Mitch Halpern breaks them up. Tyson misses wildly.
Holyfield lands straight left to head.
Holyfield misses with right. Holyfield showing good hand speed and holding
Tyson. Tyson lands right uppercut. Halpern calls time and warns both
fighters to break cleanly. Fighters clench again. Both fighters appear
cautious. Tyson warned by Halpern. Fighters exchange punches -- left by
Tyson, right by Holyfield. Holyfield pushes Tyson into ropes. Both fighters
throwing short punches in center of ring. Holyfield attempts to
counterpunch but misses.
Both fighters clench in middle of ring. Fighters exchange short flurry.
Tyson attempting to get inside. Fighters continue to clench and Halpern
continues to break them apart. Holyfield gets the better of a flurry of
exchanges. Tyson right to Holyfield shoulder. Holyfield not letting Tyson
bully him around the ring. Tyson lands right to Holyfield chin. Holyfield
unfazed. Fighters clench in corner. Tyson misses wild left. Holyfield
misses wild right. Tyson lands short uppercut. Tyson unable to follow up.
Tyson lands straight left hand. Holyfield answers with soft right hook.
Tyson lands left uppercut and right hook. Tyson lands right to body.
Follows with left uppercut to body makes Holyfield backpedal. Left to the
chin by Tyson. Holyfield appears unhurt. Tyson lands solid straight right.
Referee Halpern stops fight to remove string from Tyson's glove. Action
resumes and Tyson lands short left hook. Holyfield attempting to jab.
Holyfield landing softer punches.
Round to TYSON
Both fighters come out aggressively. Tyson lands left jab to head. Tyson
appears cut on head. Ringside doctor takes a quick look at it. Action
resumes and Tyson fires back. Cut is over the left eye of Tyson. It appears
to have come from an accidental head butt. Crowd is chanting for Holyfield.
Holyfield attempting to jab at cut. Holyfield floors Tyson with left hook
to chin. Tyson is up at five count. Tyson trying to hold on. Holyfield not
going for kill. Holyfield lands with combination pushing Tyson into ropes.
Both fighters in center of ring. Crowd again chanting for Holyfield. Tyson
appears dazed. Holyfield misses body shot. Pace of fight slows
significantly. Tyson lands solid body shot. Holyfield pushes Tyson against
the ropes. Holyfield blocks attempted combination. Head butt buckles Tyson
and sends him back. Ringside doctor comes to ringside to look at cut over
eye. Butt appears accidental.
Holyfield misses right jab. Fighters distance themselves. Both fighters
miss jabs. Holyfield attempts to work inside Tyson jabs. Periods of
inactivity. Holyfield attempts to land combination. Tyson lands right to
body. Holyfield counters with left to head. Holyfield lands left to chin.
Tyson looks tired and isn't pressing the action. Pace slows again.
Round to TYSON
Fighters remain clenched. Tyson appears tired. Holyfield getting rest by
grabbing Tyson. Tyson lands flurry of punches and Holyfield answers with a
left. Tyson lands right to body. Tyson misses left hook. Crowd continues to
chant for Holyfield. Pace agains slow. Both fighters land glancing blows to
head. Holyfield lands right to head that backs up Tyson. Holyfield lands
short combination near ropes. Holyfield appears to be throwing the more
dangerous punches.
Holyfield lands a pair of hooks to start the round. Holyfield continues to
avoid Tyson's power punches. Holyfield lands right uppercut to head.
Holyfield throwing punches with less authority. Tyson beginning to tire.
Neither fighter able to sustain any flurries. Tyson lands straight right.
Tyson misses with wild left. Holyfield lands solid left-right combination
staggering Tyson. Tyson in trouble and dazed, barely able to stay on his
Tyson appears worried between rounds. Holyfield attempting to be
aggressive. Holyfield lands a series of combinations, including a pair of
left jabs and a right uppercut against a defenseless Tyson. Referee Mitch
Halpern stops the fight 37 seconds into the round.
Holyfield captures the World Boxing Association heavyweight title.

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