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                Superbowl proves financial boon for Arizona
    PHOENIX, Arizona, May 29 - Arizona's first Super
Bowl proved to be a super pay day for the state, translating
into a nearly $306 million boost for the local economy.
    An independent study released Wednesday showed that the
89,000 visitors who came to Arizona for the Jan. 28 National
Football League championship game spent far more money than had
been projected.
    Officials had estimated that the overall economic impact
for Super Bowl XXX would be $187 million.
    "The Dallas Cowboys beat the Pittsburgh Steelers on Super
Sunday, but the real winner of Super Bowl XXX was the state of
Arizona," Gov. Fife Symington said.
    The study, by Arizona State University's Center for
Business Research, was based on surveys of nearly 1,300
non-residents who attended the Super Bowl and related events.
    It included direct spending by Super Bowl visitors, groups
and organizations and their indirect effects on economic
activity throughout the state.
    In addition to the money, the study offered a profile of
who attended the game.
    One-third of the attendees came from Texas or Pennsylvania,
another 12 percent were from California and 7 percent from New
York, according to the study. Three percent were from outside
the United States, mostly Mexico and Canada.
    Fans stayed an average of 3.3 nights, with 70 percent of
them staying in a resort, hotel or motel. Seventy-five flew
commercial, 12 percent by charter and one percent came in
private planes.
    Arizona was to have hosted Super Bowl XXVII, but the game
was yanked by the NFL in 1991 when Arizona voters rejected a
statewide holiday to honor slain civil rights leader Rev.
Martin Luther King Jr. The holiday was passed in 1992.

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